Winners of Slug Wizard Spring, 2021

The time, at long last, is finally here.

When judging your wonderful entries, we used five criteria:
1) Wizard-y-ness
2) Slug/Snail/Mollusk-y-ness
3) Originality
4) Execution
5) Fun

The maximum possible score is 35, but that would mean that each of the judges gave that entry full marks for every criteria. To determine scores, judge’s responses were averaged, and those values were added. For reference, the top score was 28.75!

It is with sadness that I must report that Nic was unable to assist in judging the entries. Thus, the “Nic’s Choice” award has been changed to “Kevin’s Choice.”

So without further ado, the winners of Slug Wizard Spring, 2021.

First Place

Tanner Simpson (@simpsominiatures)

Tanner impressed all of us with his highly-imaginative diorama, filled with colorful and clearly-fussed-over details, and a style all his own. Congratulations, Tanner! Well done.

Second Place

Giuseppe Del Buono (@gdbmakesweirdthings)

Third Place

Simon Schnitzler (@4ydra)

Ada’s Choice

Ana Polanšćak (@gardensofhecate)

Ada was immediately enamored with Ana’s fantastic and minute miniature! Apparently it was a very easy choice for her. Surely, the similarity of their names had nothing to do with it! Congratulations, Ana!

Bryan’s Choice

Daniel Rodenberg (@_skails)

Wizard? Without a doubt. Slug? Absolutely. From the stars and shell on the hat to the owl familiar, all delivered with an old-school White Dwarf flavor (complete with Goblin Green base rim!), this conversion feels like a classic. Great work, Daniel!

Chris’s Choice

Ben Barrett (@thabenman)

Congratulations to Ben on winning “Chris’s Choice” with this wacky and fun creation! He’ll be receiving a custom trophy, crafted by Chris himself, and pictured below.

Kevin’s Choice

Trent Holbrook (

A Slug Wizard riding a slug. Killer style. Bashed together in a tired fit of creative inspiration. Congratulations on winning “Kevin’s Choice,” Trent!

…And that’s a wrap!

We will be in touch with each of the winners this week, and with everyone else who donated to The Bail Project to get you shipping quotes for your pins and stickers.

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone that participated and submitted a model. What an unbelievable collection of models, and a great community behind all of them!

I’ve already been receiving messages from folks that either missed out on this year’s event, or simply enjoyed this year so much that they are asking if there will be ANOTHER Slug Wizard event next year! I am already ruminating on what we might do differently for 2022…

For one thing, we’ll switch to an “Open Competition” scoring system, with point brackets for Bronze, Silver, and Gold entries. Each bracket will end up containing multiple entries based on their judged points values. I really like the system because it allows more entrants’ work to be recognized.

I’m still undecided on whether or not to keep the theme the same, to riff on it, or to switch it completely… But I have a few ideas. 😉

Until next year,
Magus Limaxus (Bryan Ruhe)

Illustration at top by Arjan Van Der Brink (

And Thus, It Ends

The submission window has CLOSED, and the Slug Wizard Spring event is now in its final phases.

Let’s go over the numbers…

  • Entries received: 58
  • Money raised for The Bail Project: $1141.79
  • Total raffle tickets for @4ydra’s model: 216
  • People that still need slug wizards in their lives: ~7.8 billion

You all are insane! Thank you so much for your entries and for your extreme generosity. What started as an inspired morning doodle over coffee has grown into something larger than I ever anticipated. I am proud of all of you, and am so honored to be a part of this fine modeling community.

SO… What’s next?

  • Our fine judges will spend the week deliberating and determining our winners for the event. We will be notifying the winners via e-mail, then posting the results here and on Instagram via the @slugwizards profile. As a brief recap, there will be three top winners, and four “Judge’s Choice” winners, meaning prizes will be sent to seven total winners.
  • We are aiming to have the judging wrapped up by the end of this week (more specifically, no later than June 27th), and will announce the winners sometime during the first half of the following week (June 28th-June30th). Thank you for your patience as we make the tough decisions!
  • Simon (@4ydra on Instagram) will determine the raffle winner and will ship them this lovely original model:
I wish I could win this! – M.L.
  • Finally, now that I have an idea of how many folks will be receiving pins/stickers, I’ll order packaging materials and will begin e-mail shipping quotes to everyone. If this comes as a surprise to you, or the shipping quote ends up being prohibitive, we’ll work together to determine a solution so that everyone who wants them can receive their pins and stickers!
    Note: To be clear, we’ll cover shipping cost of the prize packs for the seven main winners. We’re just requesting coverage of the shipping fees for the numerous small parcels of pins/stickers. I honestly feel dirty asking for this, but the expense really does add up, and I am so appreciative for your assistance.

And I think that pretty much wraps up the current state of things. So a final THANK YOU to all of you who made a model, drew a picture, donated some of your hard-earned money, or supported Slug Wizard Spring in any other manner. YOU made this event special.

Stay tuned, watch your inboxes, and I’ll speak to you all again soon!

Magically yours,
Magus Limaxus (Bryan, @ibrewtiny)


Just a short and sweet post today!
Also, happy Father’s Day to all you radical parents out there.

Today’s the last day to get your entries in, and to celebrate summer solstice (at least in the northern hemisphere), your generosity in donating to the Bail Project, and all of your excellent models, I’ve worked with a handful of excellent illustrators and have compiled spells and fun things submitted by many of you into a free Slug Wizard Zine!

Download it here, or by clicking the image below.

A few notes about the zine: it’s best viewed in a dedicated PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat. Two Page View is best, and be sure that “Show Cover in Two Page View” is selected. The zine is formatted for a 4.25″x5.5″ print size, so when blown up on large monitors (as mine seems to be showing it at over 100% magnification by default), it may be blurry. Just set the zoom to 100% and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this radical little celebratory zine project. Much love.


E-mail photos to!

Slug Wizards, But Not Miniatures

Hey, all!

This post is to spotlight some of the amazing work that’s being done by the community that doesn’t fit into the “miniature modeling” aspect of Slug Wizard Spring. Check out these radical creations!

“Slime Will Make You Fall”

Tyler G, who you can find on Instagram under @tylerisalrightatpainting, also records crusty hardcore punk under the moniker “Willful Murder.” He composed and recorded this kick-butt track for the event, and like a true champ, he’s donating any money raised from sales of the track to the Bail Project. Sweeeeet.

Slugs Illustrated

This pair of wondrous ink illustrations come to us from Chris M. or @pencilsanddungeons on Instagram. So deliciously tasty, rich in that umami OSR flavor. He did a third illustration, as well – head over to his IG page to see it! Or if you’d like, check out his blog for more inky goodness. Thanks, Chris!

This charming set of colored illustrations was created by Natasha Mae. So whimsical! Thank you for sending them to us, Natasha!

A Royal Family of Slugs. King and queen above, prince and princess below. Check out that cute little stuffed slug!

YOUR TURN: Cast a Spell!

And that brings us to the end, which arrives with a final question and a call-to-action: what would your Slug Wizard’s iconic or signature spell be? Write it and send it to us at We’re collecting the community’s ideas and will publish them in a free-to-download Slug Wizard zine! That said, if you’d like to submit some black and white art, we’ll definitely find a place for it in the zine. I’ll just say upfront that we are unable to compensate folks for their contributions beyond inclusion and credit in the free zine.

Here are a couple spell examples that have been sent to us already:

Broken Wind of Noorgle

A putrid blast of gaseous stench, summoned from the bowels of the earth!

Roll 3D6. If one or more dice scores a 6, target player must remember to hold his nose during his next 3 turns, or that player’s target unit/character takes D6 unblockable wounds.

-Spell of Magus Limaxus, submitted by Bryan R.

Harness the Warp

The wizard attempts to use their exceptional psychic abilities to summon an object from the warp!

Roll 1D6 and consult the table below.

1The power of the warp backfires! The caster must attempt to save a wound, and take D6 damage if the save is failed.
2Nothing happens!
3The target temporarily becomes mute! Target player may not speak during their next turn and must instead use sign language.
4Heal one wound on a friendly model/character.
5A dead friendly model/character is revived! If no models/characters are dead, nothing happens.
6A huge object appears in the sky above the target (a house, demon whale, etc.)! It falls and deals D3 unblockable damage to one enemy unit/character.

-Spell of Thedeus Lemonhat, Mage of the Foggy Mudflats, submitted by William F.

The spells can be as vague or as specific as you’d like, but the best idea is to keep the spell rules ambiguous enough that they can be adapted to a wide variety of RPGs and skirmish games with just a little bit of creativity!

Hope you enjoyed this little feature and we hope to hear from you soon!

And a reminder…


Send ’em over to


We are VERY excited to finally reveal the prizes that will be available to the winners of the Slug Wizard Spring event! There will be seven winners overall. Be sure to read the whole post, but first, have a look at all the amazing contributors!

The judges will collectively choose the top three winning entries. Not only will these winners each receive a Slug Wizard MMXXI trophy, but they’ll be receiving prize packs, which are all described below!


One of three coveted Slug Wizard trophies, PLUS:

One physical copy of the “Crimson Grove Deacon” model from Bestiarum Miniatures
One physical set of Gorgon Catacombs Kitbash parts from Bestiarum Miniatures
A printed copy of the Planet28 OR Brutal Quest rules, BOUND IN A HAND-MARBLED COVER (!), as well as a handful of miniatures from Mammoth Minis (style and quantity of miniatures to-be-determined).
A PDF download of the Forbidden Psalm miniatures game rulebook


The second place winner will receive:
Slug Wizard Trophy
A marbled-cover copy of the Planet28 OR Brutal Quest rulebook
A handful of select Mammoth Miniatures minis
…and ONE of the following “Oldhammer” items (winner’s choice!):

A NEARLY complete model of “Chieftain Grom’s Goblin War Chariot,” in box – Niblet, the goblin banner bearer, has disappeared but has been replaced with a very similar classic metal Citadel Miniatures goblin.
A BRAND NEW IN BOX (still shrink-wrapped) classic Warhammer 40,000 Space Ork Buggy!


The third place winner will receive:
Slug Wizard Trophy
Forbidden Psalm rulebook (PDF Download)
Brand-new-in-shrink Warhammer Chaos Spawn model

Third place will receive this Chaos Spawn as part of their prize pack!


Each judge will also individually choose an entry that was not in the top three that they feel deserves to be awarded.


Prize pack includes:
-Hand-marbled-cover-bound copy of Planet28 OR Brutal Quest rules
-A handful of select Mammoth Miniatures minis
-An introductory CVLTCRAFT paint set (8x5mL paints, brush, basing materials, 25mm bases)


Prize pack includes:
-Custom trophy, sculpted and painted by Chris
-An introductory CVLTCRAFT paint set (8x5mL paints, brush, basing materials, 25mm bases)


Prize pack includes:
-Bestiarum Miniatures “Crimson Grove Deacon” miniature
-Bestiarum Miniatures “Gorgon Catacombs” kit bash set
-An introductory CVLTCRAFT paint set (8x5mL paints, brush, basing materials, 25mm bases)


Prize pack includes:
-Forbidden Psalm rulebook (PDF Download)
-Your Slug Wizard featured in the upcoming Forbidden Psalm expansion book, along with his very own stats for the game
-An introductory CVLTCRAFT paint set (8x5mL paints, brush, basing materials, 25mm bases)


EVERYONE that has donated $10 to The Bail Project will receive:

…and of course a Slug Wizard commemorative enamel pin!

**Participant will be responsible for shipping cost of enamel pin if not selected as one of the seven winners. We’re very sorry to put this cost on participants. We hope this comes as no surprise; we’ve done our best to be clear about it from the start.

You all have about two weeks remaining to send in your entries!

BY JUNE 20th, e-mail up to four (4) pictures of your completed Slug Wizard model along with your Instagram username (if available) to

If you wish to receive an enamel pin when the event has ended (you pay shipping) and a bonus mini-album of original dungeon synth music written for the event, I’m asking that you donate at least $10 to The Bail Project and provide me with a screenshot of your receipt.

Please shoot us a message via e-mail or to @slugwizards on Instagram if you have any questions at all. We are excited to receive your entries! Have fun!

Lone Warrior from the Brutal Planet of Tiny Mammoth Skirmishes: Nic Evans

We are very excited to welcome Nic Evans as a judge for Slug Wizard Spring!

We’re big fans of Nic and his work. He’s the man behind the models over at Mammoth Miniatures (as well as being the founder of the company itself!) and has authored many successful miniature game rulesets including Planet28, Brutal Quest, and Super Tiny Skirmish. He also illustrates all his rulebooks and his work is simply lovely!

Now that we’ve announced all the judges, you can have a look at the Judges page to see them in a list! Lists! Exciting!

Thanks to all of you who have submitted your photos and have donated to the Bail Project. Submissions close June 20th!

A New Judge Appears…

I am thrilled to announce that the mind behind the Forbidden Psalm miniatures game, Kevin of KRD Designs, has contributed a custom jailbreak-themed FP scenario to the Slug Wizard cause!

If you’re not familiar with Forbidden Psalm, it’s a miniatures skirmish game set in the dark and graphic world of Mörk Borg.

You can download the scenario, “Just Ice” (get it?!), right now by clicking here.

Kevin was inspired by our fundraising for The Bail Project, and consequently cooked up this jailbreak scenario.

The scenario will also be published in the upcoming Forbidden Psalm expansion.

“But wait!” I hear you exclaim in confusion, “Is Kevin going to help judge?” Surprise: no, he will not!

BUT… His 8-year-old daughter, Ada, will be one of our judges!

The Slug Wizard chosen by Ada will be used as inspiration for a new Forbidden Psalm character in the upcoming expansion book! How cool is that?

Kevin will also be contributing PDF downloads of Forbidden Psalm for us to award as prizes.

We are so pleased to have Kevin and Ada involved in Slug Wizard Spring!

Also a reminder that we are officially down to one month remaining for Slug Wizard Spring entires! Have fun, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

P.S. If you’d like to be a part of the Forbidden Psalm Discord community, you’re more than welcome to hop in. You can use this invite link: – see you there!

Slug Wizards to Be a Judged Event

Greetings, slug people. I hope y’all are having a great time with this event so far.

I’m excited to announce that Slug Wizard Spring is transforming… It will now be a judged event with some prize support! Thanks to the generosity of friends and peers, we now have some things we can give away to a few skilled modelers. I’ll be posting more about the prizes available in the coming days, but I wanted to start by introducing the first of our judges.

Chris Beckhusen

The Seekers of Perfection

Known on Instagram as @symptomatic_chaos, Chris is a rising talent and all-around nice guy in the modeling community, quickly becoming known for his gritty, textural conversions that break the mold of the Warhammer settings. He’s part of the Nimbus Boys, the collective of hobbyists behind the ABZU project that will be featured in the next issue of 28mag. Chris jams in the Inq28, Salvatore28, and Turnip28 scenes (really all things “28”). Pictured above is a handful of figures that belong to one of his favorite personal projects, the “Seekers of Perfection.”

Chris was the first one to complete a Slug Wizard! As a judge, he won’t qualify for prizes, but we’ll make sure he’s treated right.

And a seeker of perfection he will be as a judge for the Slug Wizard Spring event. We are thrilled to have him aboard!

Go give him a follow on Instagram if you’re over there, and stay tuned for more Slug Wizard news this week regarding additional judges and prizes!

-Magus Limaxus, Master Mage

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