Just what was “Slug Wizard Spring?”

Well… It was a few things:

An Open Invitational.

Entrants were asked to create a Slug Wizard model, and to e-mail photos to slugwizards@gmail.com. All of the entries can now be viewed on this site. Prizes were awarded and some cool goodies were available as a thanks for participating.

A Fundraiser.

When entrants donated $10 or more to The Bail Project and showed us the receipt, they received a commemorative enamel pin (for the cost of shipping). Each features a backer card that can be folded and displayed next to your miniature. These pins were only available during this event.

A 6-Minute, 8-Bit Quest.

Slug Wizard is a (fictional) 1986 video game with a (real) soundtrack. When entrants donated, they received a download code for a mini-album of original music. They get dungeon synth tunes in exchange for getting people out of dungeons where they don’t belong.

Only 100 enamel pins will be available!

The ‘Slug Wizard’ album! Yours when you participate and donate!

The 2021 event has ended.
But we hope to be back in 2022…

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